Marigalante Puerto Vallarta

Marigalante welcomes you to a unique experience full of adventure and combats.

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Marigalante Galleon
Are you ready for adventure?

Live the experience of a lifetime aboard a 700-ton galleon, sailing the bay of Puerto Vallarta with an incredible pirate show, fireworks, delicious dinner options and an international open bar.

Pirate Ship Tours & Deals

The adventures of the Golden Fleece last approximately 3.5 hours, the tour is for all family. As capacity is limited.

Puerto Vallarta Pirate Experience for Family Fun

Join the crew of the Marigalante for a fun-filled adventure for the whole family. Enjoy the finest interactive pirate show surrounded by acrobatic battles, fireworks and a delicious gourmet dining experience.

Savor an unforgettable gourmet experience on board

Our chefs have created an appetizing menu inspired by pirate legends, featuring the best dishes you can imagine. Get ready for a culinary experience on the high seas!

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