The Ship

The Marigalante Galleon

The Marigalante Pirate Ship is an exact replica of the Santa Maria, made entirely of wood. It weighs approximately 700 tons and has three wooden masts with triangular sails.

The ship has four impressive decks with a total capacity of 240 passengers. It is equipped with professional light and sound equipment and 40 five-litre tanks filled with ABC extinguishing liquid. It also has eight ladies' toilets, four gents' toilets and three urinals.

  • Main dining room with capacity for 120 passengers.
  • Air conditioning in the dining area, with a 30-ton capacity.
  • Fully equipped stainless steel galley on board.
  • A magnificent fully equipped bar, reasdy to cater to 240 passengers.

Main Features and equipment

  • Service equipment store, with furniture and equipment ready to cater for up to 240 people.
  • Three dinghies for maneuvers and assistance in navigation and water activities.
  • Two inflatable bananas with a capacity of four passengers each.
  • Two hundred visors in different sizes.
  • Two hundred pairs of fins in different sizes.
  • Two hundred disposable packaged snorkel tubes, renewable on each tour.

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